Paralegal Leadership Academy

Basic Paralegal Program: Legal Technology

This 4 week training covers topics related to law firm e-mail policies, social media strategies, online legal research tools, and eDiscovery process and procedures in order to assist participants with meeting the challenges of today's paralegal working environment.  

Immediate On-demand Access:  Paralegal Crash Course 

Immediate On-demand Access:  Introduction to Six Sigma for Paralegals

Week 1:  Today's Paralegal Professional & Career Opportunities for Paralegals

Week 2:  American Jurisprudence & Navigating the U.S. Court System

Week 3:  Investigations and Interviewing Skills for Paralegals, Trial Preparation & Legal Specialties

Week 4:  Paralegal Ethics & Six Sigma for Paralegals

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Intermediate Paralegal Program: Legal Case Management

In this 4 week training program focuses on the various aspects of effective legal case management including law office systems, calendaring and docketing, file and records management, and document preparation. 

Immediate On-demand Access:  Introduction to Six Sigma Legal Case Management

Week 1:  Six Sigma and Effective Case Management & the Various Types of Evidence

Week 2:  The Formal Discovery Process

Week 3:  Various Aspects of eDiscovery

Week 4:  Evidence Management & Trial Preparation

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Advanced Paralegal Program: Leadership

This is a four week extensive client communication training program that focuses on customer service excellence and quality communication with focus on overcoming communication barriers.  

Week 1:  Overcoming Barriers to Communication & Understanding Cross Cultural Issues

Week 2:  Understanding Customer Service & Communicating Empathetically

Week 3:  Coping with Angry Customers, Working with Customers with Disabilities, and Listening Actively

Week 4:  Six Sigma and Legal Process Improvement, Six Sigma & Legal Technology, and Six Sigma and Client Relations

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Get Certified Today!

3 Month/60 Hour Expert Paralegal Certification Training

Take your paralegal career to a whole new level with the Expert Paralegal certification.  The certificates that you will earn after successfully completing each program is not the same as the certification. The certification is earned by individuals that want to set themselves apart in their careers by earning a one of a kind certification by earning college level business credits.   

When you sign up up for the Expert Paralegal Certification you will gain access to the Advanced Paralegal: Leadership Training Program as well as all of the other programs.