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The Paralegal Academy incorporates the quality assurance, project management, and team building aspects of Six Sigma into the paralegal role.   Six Sigma fosters a leadership and service oriented mindset that all paralegals can incorporate into their careers to become expert paralegals. 

Our program is the first and only paralegal program that incorporates Six Sigma into its paralegal training.  Due to Six Sigma's process improvement and project management aspects it is extremely beneficial for paralegals to learn how to apply the methodology to their careers and job functions.  Learn more about Six Sigma and the Six Sigma belt colors .      

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Six Sigma for Paralegals Basic Training

Earn the Paralegal Yellow Belt: Legal Technology Certificate

In this on-line program paralegals and aspiring paralegals are provided with the tools and information that will allow them to work in a modern law office setting.  This program covers topics related to law firm e-mail policies, social media strategies, online legal research tools, and eDiscovery process and procedures in order to assist participants with meeting the challenges of today's paralegal working environment.  Applying Six Sigma to the paralegal role assists paralegals with understanding the importance of avoiding the mundane tasks that paralegals who operate with a legal secretary mindset will tend to focus their day conducting.  Overall this approach to completing paralegal specific duties will allow those that successfully complete the program to outperform their counterparts.  

Immediate On-demand Access:  Paralegal Crash Course 

Immediate On-demand Access:  Introduction to Six Sigma for Paralegals

Week 1:  Today's Paralegal Professional & Career Opportunities for Paralegals

Week 2:  American Jurisprudence & Navigating the U.S. Court System

Week 3:  Investigations and Interviewing Skills for Paralegals, Trial Preparation & Legal Specialties

Week 4:  Paralegal Ethics & Six Sigma for Paralegals

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Six Sigma for Paralegals Intermediate Training

Earn the Paralegal Green Belt: Legal Case Management Certificate

This training program focuses on the various aspects of effective legal case management including law office systems, calendaring and docketing, file and records management, and document preparation.  In addition to the live course lessons registration includes access to an experiential law office simulation that provides a realistic environment for practicing and reinforcing lessons on the use of law office technology, effective time management, and the role of the paralegal in the delivery of legal services.

​Effective case management skills are required to be successful in the legal industry due to the massive amounts of information that is involved in a legal matter.  

Immediate On-demand Access:  Introduction to Six Sigma Legal Case Management

Week 1:  Six Sigma and Effective Case Management & the Various Types of Evidence

Week 2:  The Formal Discovery Process

Week 3:  Various Aspects of eDiscovery

Week 4:  Evidence Management & Trial Preparation

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If you decide to cancel before the 2nd week no further payment is required and you keep access to the Introduction to Six Sigma Legal Case Management course.  

Six Sigma for Paralegals Advanced Training

Earn the Paralegal Black Belt: Legal Communication Certificate

When you hear the term “Customer Service” what comes to mind? Many people connect this expression with sales, retail, hospitality, call centers, cashiers, and related occupations. Customer service is actually central to any industry and every profession. It is a dimension that companies use to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Regardless of where you are in your career,  you will be expected to have good customer service skills.  

This is an extensive client communication training program that focuses on customer service excellence and quality communication with focus on overcoming communication barriers.   Due to globalization and the widespread reliance on technology the legal landscape is experiencing rapid change.  Legal organizations are beginning to open practices and offices in other countries.  It’s important for paralegal's to understand how important communication is to their careers.  In order for paralegals to remain competitive they must ensure that they have a mix of technical and "soft skills".  Some paralegals mistakenly assume that their technical ability or other skill sets will be their key to success, but without solid communication skills, the others become much less valuable.  Technical skills are what gets you the job.  Soft skills are what helps you to keep the job and grow in the paralegal career. 

Week 1:  Overcoming Barriers to Communication & Understanding Cross Cultural Issues

Week 2:  Understanding Customer Service & Communicating Empathetically

Week 3:  Coping with Angry Customers, Working with Customers with Disabilities, and Listening Actively

Week 4:  Six Sigma and Legal Process Improvement, Six Sigma & Legal Technology, and Six Sigma and Client Relations

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Complete Paralegal Training Program/60 Hour Expert Paralegal Certification

This program trains paralegals to become leaders by focusing on pertinent leadership skills. 

An effective leader is one who helps group members attain productivity, including high quality and customer satisfaction, as well as job satisfaction.  Some say that leaders are born and others believe that leaders are made.  Today more than ever before organizations want to hire individuals that understand that leadership is more than knowing how to delegate and manage when things are going smoothly but how to manage during times of crisis and uncertainty.


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