Legal Research Crash Course


 In legal organizations legal research is an integral part of understanding and supporting the claims in a case and to better provide legal services to clients.  Unbeknownst to some paralegals the less efficient you are at handling legal research projects the more productivity and service costs suffer.  Applying the Six Sigma methodology to the legal research process can transform it from a time consuming guessing game into an effective method that results in increased productivity.

The purpose of this on-line session is to transform legal research from being performed as a creative artistic approach that is oftentimes haphazard into a scientific approach that can be successfully applied and measured for maximum paralegal efficiency. After completing  this unique Crash Course participants will be indoctrinated into the scientific method of legal researching in addition to obtaining a one of a kind comprehensive legal research certificate that will demonstrate legal research proficiency to current and future employers. 

Program Topics

  •  Overview of the Six Sigma Methodology
  • Principles of Six Sigma Process Improvement
  • Query formation strategies
  • How to synthesize multiple sources of law 
  • How to use legal research in the analysis and resolution of client problems 
  • Discussion of Six Sigma principles and how they can be utilized to improve legal research 
  • Effective Legal research planning tools and techniques
  • Researching effectively using citators
  • Ability to cite print and electronic sources of law 
  • Search strategies specific to Westlaw
  • And much More!

Paralegal Blue Belt Legal Research Certificate

In addition to access to the live course lessons registration includes access to an on-line experiential learning environment that provides access to course materials, recorded sessions, and other student materials to help reinforce the concepts covered within this amazing course. 


Legal Research Crash Course:  $129

Legal Research Crash Course and Paralegal Blue Belt Certificate:  $229