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Paralegal Training

The Paralegal Academy provides information, resources, programs and certificates tailored specifically to paralegal professionals as well as individuals seeking to enter the paralegal profession. Paralegal Academy focuses on the professional development aspect of a paralegal career and also assists paralegals with maintaining a successful career in the legal industry.   

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that by the year 2024 employment within the paralegal career field is expected to grow by 8% and that competition for these jobs will be strong.  Why not set yourself apart with one of a kind paralegal training that will allow you to successfully compete for these jobs?

The benefit of our programs is that they combine paralegal training with Six Sigma training which increases the likelihood of earning top paying jobs within legal organizations and businesses.  Studies have shown that those who have successfully completed Six Sigma training earn substantially more than their counterparts.    Learn more about Six Sigma.